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RV Setting

RV Setting is to syncronize between Reference viewer project and Point Cloud project.

RV linked project

Sync reference viewer in Point Cloud to see the GT. When this function is on, all the data will be mapped and syncronized with image and GTs.

Before interlocking

Select Project
Select the RV project to be linked.

After interlocking

RV Linked Project
The recently synced date/Refresh/Cancel button of the linked RV project are provided along with the status information.

Provide GT to RV
Display GT on the synced RV images. The default is set On.

Interworking GT Workstep Filter
Only the GT with selected workstep has been completed will be displayed. The default is set with the last workstep that has been completed.

Interworking GT Class Filter
Only the selected class's GT to display on RV images. the default is selected all.

Linked projects on Studio Tool

When succesfully linked, the project will be shown as below along with RV images.

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