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Keypoint 작업을 시작하세요.

Keypoint is a way that checks the names of the points to be marked and marks the points in order. This is a method that makes a dataset to recognize the direction, position, and movement of the target.

*Keypoint is supported only for single images.

  • Example) Body joint point keypoints: Middle hip → left hip → left knee → left ankle..

Detailed class settings for using Keypoint tasks

Keypoint JSON settings are required when you want to use the Keypoint task type within a project.
It is required to enter the CLI by each class by clicking the JSON button in the detailed settings window of the Keypoint class you set.

Please refer to the Task information for the method of class detailed setting.

Keypoint task screen

Keypoint task screen

Keypoint task screen

Keypoint toolbar

Keypoint 툴 바

Keypoint toolbar

1KeypointAfter selecting, it starts keypoint tasks.
- Shortcut key : K
- It points in the order of the names that appear on the mouse points.
- When pointing an invisible point, press V to take a picture.
- After pointing all the keypoints including the last keypoint, press Esc to complete the instance.
- Right-click at the point and then check Invisible so that you can set it as a point that is not visible.
2Completion of KeypointWhen it is selected, complete a keypoint to create an instance.
3Add pointsIt is available to add points after creating a keypoint instance.
4Delete pointsIt is available to delete points after creating a keypoint instance.

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