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Annotation Type

Find out the task types that are supported by AIMMO.

The task types are shown in the below table.
The task type changes with each resource.

(Beta)Sequence Image(Vector)Single Image (Pixel)Point Cloud (LiDAR, RADAR)(Beta)Video(Beta)Text
Bounding BoxBounding Box(Beta)Segmentation3D Cuboid(Beta)Frame Range(Beta)Entity
Rotated B-boxRotated B-box(Beta)Classification(Beta)Segmentation(Beta)Classification(Beta)Classification
Polyline(Beta)3D Cuboid
Polyline Point(Beta)Classification
(Beta)3D Cuboid
(Beta)Flat Cuboid


Files that aren't assigned a task will appear in the studio in viewer mode.

The function of the toolbar will not be exposed in viewer mode.
After it is allocated a file from the project, it is possible to proceed with the task.

View task types

Single/Sequence Image(Vector)

Single Image(Pixel)

Point Cloud(LiDAR, RADAR)




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