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AIMMO Enterprise

Here are AIMMO Enterprise’s guides and tips for effective data management.


Welcome to AIMMO Enterprise!

Introducing, AI data company, AIMMO’s enterprise data management service 'AIMMO Enterprise’.

AIMMO Enterprise is a data management service for the enterprise that combines the know-how accumulated by operating various data labeling projects since 2018.
In AIMMO Enterprise, it is not only possible to collect unstructured data, preprocess data, and do data labeling, but also implement an automated labeling process through deep learning model training.

Implement various data management projects at AIMMO Enterprise that create optimal Ground Truth data.


AIMMO Enterprise is a Ready-to-Use type service that is available to use immediately without coding or program installation. Anyone without development or AI knowledge is available to manage data projects and work with them easily. It is available for simple one-person projects to large projects that require hundreds of people to collaborate.

Anyone, anytime, anywhere, any labeling can be processed.

  • After signing up, you can use it immediately anywhere that the internet is available.
  • It supports all Computer Vision-related labeling types and supports a variety of files such as LiDAR, video, and text.
  • It is available to implement any data management process such as data preprocessing, data labeling, and data review.
  • It is possible to invite all team members to collaborate on the project and monitor the work status and speed of each member.
  • Korean and English services are provided. We are going to make more language services.
  • With the 'Smart Labeling' function, you can quickly handle large volumes of work on your own. (Provided classes only)

In addition, it delivers a precious functionality that can process and implement more than 100 million instances per year.
If you read the AIMMO Enterprise Guide carefully before managing projects, anyone can manage and operate data like a professional data project manager.

Now, let's check out each feature of AIMMO Enterprise.

If you have any other inquiries, please get in touch with us at [email protected]