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(Beta) Segmentation

Start the segmentation task of Point Cloud.

Point Cloud Segmentation is a labeling task that marks on the point clouds collected by LiDAR or RADAR as segmentation.

Segmentation task screen

Segmentation toolbar

**_3D Segmentation Tool bar (numbering)_**

1LassoSwitch to the lasso tool.
- Shortcut key: N
2Distinguishing Track ID colorDistinguish instance colors based on track ID.
- Shortcut key: T
3Distinguish intensity colorDepending on Point Cloud intensity, it shows colors by distinguishing.
- Shortcut key: Shift T(Win) / T(Mac)
4Switch the selected track ID.Swap the track IDs of the two selected instances.
5Default viewIt switches to the default view based on the car model.
6Top viewIt switches to the top view based on the car model.

**_Able to switch 4th Track ID in the above graph. Need to check whether it is exposed in the SaaS_**

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