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Enterprise-level Workspace

About the usage limit of workspace by plan management

The information on the current plan can be found on the workspace.

  • Only the Main Owner of the workspace has access to the menu.
  • Users after a free trial period can be switched to an enterprise level through consultation.
  • Enterprise-level users can adjust the usage limit of the workspace through a consultation.

Workspace plan

  • on Free Trial: a status showing for Seven days once a workspace has been created.
  • Service expired: by the end of a free trial period or enterprise-level status.
  • on Enterprise-Level: a status showing for the enterprise-level users

Workspace usage limit

  • Account limits: number of accounts provided for a workspace
  • File upload limit: volume limit of the file that can be uploaded to the workspace
  • Smart Labeling inference limit: number of file limits for the Smart Labeling inference on workspace

Workspace plan management

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