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Upload GT-file

Upload externally created labeling data (GT files).

What is a Ground Truth file?

Ground Truth is a term that came from meteorology, which refers to information collected from a single location. When we look at this from a machine learning perspective, Ground Truth is used for showing the source or actual value of the data that want to learn.

Ground Truth is a term that refers to real-world data used to learn and test AI model outputs in the field of artificial intelligence data. Ground Truth data is necessary for a lot of AI applications such as autonomous driving and audio or voice recognition.

  • The GT file upload format only supports JSON.
  • Upload conditions: It must have the same folder structure and file name as the uploaded resource file, in the JSON file structure.

  • The task type set in the project (box, keypoint, etc.), class, and attribute names and values must be the same.
  • Even if the case and spacing are different, the upload fails.
  • Example of GT file upload failure (1)
    Class name registered in the project: car /
    The class name is written in JSON: Car
  • Failure case due to conditions not in the project (2)
    The value of the attribute ‘weather’ under class A registered in the project: sunny, cloudy, rainy
    The class name is written in JSON: Snow

GT upload format and validity

GT Upload Schema

  "annotations": [ // Annotation field reference for each annotation type ],  
  "attributes": {},  
  "filename": "image (28).jpeg",  
  "parent_path": "/",  
    "overwrite": true,  
  "label": "고양이"  

GT Upload Field Definition

NameTypeDescriptionMandatory and default values
annotationslist [object]Annotationrequired=True
filenamestringFile namerequired=True
parent_pathstringParent path of the filerequired=True
overwritebooleanOverwritten or notmissing=False
labelstringClass Name


  • Status validation: Check the status that the task has not started.
  • Check for the existence of file paths: Check that the actual file exists in the path name.
  • Annotation check: Check the annotation data that matches your project settings.

Refer to AIMMO enterprise output form

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