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Project work types

This is the specification of the task type supported by AIMMO Enterprise.

  • AIMMO Enterprise supports tasks about Images, LiDAR, Video, Text resources, etc.
  • The types that can work with each resource can be found below.

Task data typeLabeling TypeFormat Data
Single/Sequence Image(Vector)- Bounding Box - Rotated B-box - Keypoint - Segmentation - Polygon - Polyline - (Beta)3D Cuboidjpg, png
Single Image(Pixel)- (Beta)Segmentationjpg, png
Point Clouds(LiDAR, RADAR)- LiDAR 3D Cuboid - (Beta)Segmentationbin
(Beta)Video- (Beta)Frame Rangemp4
(Beta)Text- (Beta)Entitytxt

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