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Invited member registration

Learn about the registration process for an invited member

How does an invited member join?

  • The workspace manager group (Owner, Manager) will send an invitation registration email.
  • Check the invitation email and follow the instructions to sign up.

Registration of invited member

Step 1. Check your workspace invitation email.

  • Check the workspace invitation email you received.
  • Select the Sign-Up button in the email to sign up.
초대 메일 수신 화면

Invitation email receiving screen

Step 2. Proceed to sign up for the service.

On the membership registration page, enter your password information and agree to the terms.

  • You must agree to all the terms of service (required) to sign up for the service.

For security purposes, set a password of at least 8 characters.

  • Set your password with at least one uppercase letter, lowercase letter, and number.
초대 회원가입 화면

Invited member registration screen

Step 3. Complete your registration.

When you see a message that your registration is completed, select the Access Workspace button to access your workspace..

회원가입 완료 화면

Registration completion screen

Step 4. Access to the workspace.

You can check a list of accessible projects in the workspace you've been invited to.

List of invited workspace projects

List of invited workspace projects

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