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Set up your workspace

Use basic information, member invitation and management, and statistic functions in the workspace.

On the workspace settings page, it is available to check information about the workspace and change settings.

The provided function settings consist of basic information, a user list, and statistics. Depending on authorities, the pages that can access may vary.

  • Owner: Basic information, user list, statistics
  • Manager: Basic Information, User List
  • Member: Basic Information

Only the owner has the authority to modify workspace settings.

Manage workspace basic information

Workspace basic information can be organized and managed by workspace profile, workspace name, etc.

  • Workspace usage information provides the number of smart labeling inference files.
workspace setting

Workspace basic information screen

Invite and manage members

You can invite users to your workspace and change permissions..

  • User invitation function: When selecting the + user invitationbutton, after entering the invitation information and executing the invitation.
    • Depending on the status of the user to whom theinvitation emailwas sent, and the invitation email retransmission function is displayed.
Member invitation

Member invitation screen

  • Change permissions: User's permissions can be edited through the select functions at the time of invitation or the change authority functions after invitation.

Using workspace statistics

The statistics function allows you to check the project, member, and labeling file information within the workspace.

Workspace statistics

Workspace statistics

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