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Start a project

Create a project in AIMMO Enterprise and start managing the data now.

Differentiating Project Types

Once you've created a workspace
Now it's time to create a project and invite teammates to manage data together.

In AIMMO Enterprise, when we create and manage projects,
we classify them into two types depending on the purpose.

  • Type 1. Refining project (primary preprocessing of collected data): It will be provided after the end of the free beta period.
  • Type 2. Labeling project (labeling of preprocessed data): It will be provided during the free beta period

Refining Project vs. Labeling Projects

To process training data for artificial intelligence models, it is necessary to efficiently manage the collected data and process only the necessary data to save cost and time.

However, data is collected in a variety of ways, so duplicated data or continuous data might be generated during the collection process. Therefore,

  • Through the refining project, filter the data needed for the model before proceeding with the labeling project.
  • If you don't need to refine the collected data, you can proceed with the labeling project right away.


Reference) Training datafication process of unstructured data

The project process for changing unstructured data into training data is shown below.

에이모의 비정형 데이터 관리 프로세스

AIMMO’s unstructured data management process

To generate the accurate training data needed for AI models, it is necessary to go through a variety of complex processes and companies should invest many resources as well.

Over the years, AIMMO has worked on a variety of projects and has incorporated the proven functions needed to generate training data into the AIMMO Enterprise. AIMMO Enterprise will help you produce the optimal data needed for the AI model so that you can only focus on data.

If you have any other inquiries, please get in touch with us at [email protected].