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Introducing the navigation menu of AIMMO Enterprise.

Formation of the navigation menu

Navigation has a total of six categories: Project List, Storage, Labeling, Curation, AI Model, and Settings.

Clicking the Project Homemenu takes you to the home screen of the project selected in the project list.

If the users are the owners, they can use all the menus.
If the user is a manager or member, they can only use the menus related to the tasks of the project, to which they are invited to.

Explore service navigation

Project List

  • In the Project List menu, you can see a list of all projects that you have access to or own. Depending on your level, some projects may not be visible.
  • If the user is an owner or manager, the user can click the + Create Project button to create a new project.
project list

Project List

Project Home

project home

Project Home

  • It’s going to move to the home of the project that users selected.


  • It is available to manage the same structure of the dataset managed by the user's offline file system.
  • Upload provides synchronizing functions on folders, files, and Cloud platforms (Naver Cloud, MS Azure).
manage file

File Management Main Screen


  • For labeling, we can manage by allocating tasks through folder and file management in the dataset menu.
  • If you select a random folder, you can check the process of the file through the list of uploaded files (folder details).
folder list of dataset

Folder List of Dataset


  • Provides the function to gather all instances that exist within the entire file uploaded to a project.
  • By using class and attribute filters, an inspection can be quickly done.
  • You can adjust the transparency of areas except for the instance, line thickness, and opacity to set visualization settings that make it more convenient and faster for individuals to view.
Collect Instances

Collect Instances

AI Models

  • You can use custom AI models or preset AI models provided by AIMMO so that you can automatically generate GTs.
  • Custom AI is a customized AI model for a project which is created by using a human-generated GT.
  • Preset AI is an AI model created from different training data. When you click ‘use’, it will move to the dataset screen and you can apply preset AI by using the smart labeling function.
smart labeling

AI Model > Smart Labeling


  • After project creation, project settings are provided with project and labeling settings.
  • Project settings provide basic information and member settings.
  • Labeling settings provide labeling, studio, validation settings, and work guide functions.
project settings

Project Settings > Information about tasks

My Tasks

  • When you click My Tasks after selecting a project, you can check the assigned files and folders. You can also select [Search File Name, Task Type Class, Folder Search] to quickly search for files.
  • You can check the progress rate information of the tasks assigned to you in the folder.
  • Through the task status information, you can check the status of the tasks, such as pending tasks, ongoing tasks, completed tasks, and rejected files.
My Tasks > Full Folder List

My Tasks > Full Folder List

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