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Synchronizing to Naver Cloud

Load file by synchronizing Naver N Cloud and AIMMO Enterprise.

What are the advantages of synchronizing Naver N Cloud and AIMMO Enterprise?

  1. Upload data conveniently and quickly!
  • It is possible to load to AIMMO enterprise from the Naver N Cloud data without the process of downloading to a computer and uploading again

  1. It is available to use Cloud upload that can protect data.
  • After completing synchronization, it is possible to upload data at AIMMO Enterprise as Read-only data by using ‘N Cloud upload’. Uploaded data is not saved at AIMMO Enterprise.

Synchronization stage of Naver N Cloud

Step 1. After the registration of Naver N Cloud, apply for Object Storage.

  • Proceed with applying for Naver Cloud platform registration and object storage usage.

Step 2. Choose the upload function of N cloud at ‘File upload’.

  • After filling the input box in the upload window, click ‘Load’

Step 3. After executing the ‘Load’ button, move to the Naver Cloud Platform page.

  • Please check that the file exported from Bucket Management of Object Storage within the Naver Cloud Platform has been successfully uploaded.

Step 4. N Cloud storage synchronization is completed.

  • N Cloud storage data has been synchronized with AIMMO Enterprise. Assign projects to members

If you have any other inquiries, please get in touch with us at [email protected].