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Output management

By extracting the project output as JSON files, it is available to download or share externally.

The entire list of output

It provides a list of the extracted output.

Information about the output history

The file name of the output
It is the JSON file name of the extracted output. The file name will be automatically generated.

  • Constructors :This is the name of the output creator
  • Creation date : It is the date that the output was created.
  • size :It is the file size of the output.

Output management

  • Download to My PC:Download the output directly to the PC.
  • Send to Naver Cloud: Send the output to Naver Cloud.
  • Send to Azure:Send the output to Azure.
  • View information:It is available to check the extraction setting information of the output.
  • Delete output download items: It is available to delete items by selecting.
  • Preview output: It is available to check the details of the output download items.

Preview output

It is available to check the details of output and task information to download or share.

  • List of the output:This is a list of folders and files to extract.
  • QFV(Quick File View)
    : This is the preview window that you check when clicking the file, the image of data and the labeling data information can be checked.
  • Share
    : By creating a link that can be accessed by outside people, it is available to share a preview of the output/
  • Output management
    : It provides functions including ‘download to my PC’, ‘send to N Cloud (Naver Cloud)’, ‘send to Azure’, and ‘view information’.

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