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Find/Change Password

Change or find your password for AIMMO Enterprise.

Find password

Step 1. Click the ‘Forgot password?’ button on the registration screen.

Step 2. Enter your information of registered email and click the Send Email button.

비밀번호 리셋 화면

Password reset screen

Step 3. Check your password change confirmation email and set a new password.

Password change confirmation mail screen

Password change confirmation mail screen

새 비밀 번호 입력 화면

Setting a new password screen

Step 4. The password change is completed. Please log in again.

비밀번호 변경 완료 화면

Password change completion screen

Change password

  1. In the AIMMO Enterprise navigation header, click the profile menu.
  2. Click Profile from the menu.
  3. Click the Set Password button to change your password.
  4. When you enter the original password and the new password, the password change is completed.
  5. The new password also must follow the conditions that were applied when signing up.

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